Top of the Tower for the Calgary Zoo!

This will be the 3rd time that If I Can... will be climbing the Calgary Tower to raise money for the Calgary Zoo. We're always wanting to "raise the bar" so this year we're climbing the tower 5x or 4010 stairs on the morning of December 15th. Joining me, Chris Koch, will be Barb Koch, Georgie, Neylon, J.R. Comstock, Davina Comstock, Tarah Van Hilten, Stevie McMasters and Matt Muldoon.

The money raised will be going to the zoo in support of its conservation efforts and dedication to the animals in its care. You can make your donation through this giving page or go directly to the Calgary Zoo website. December 15 is also #GivingZOOday where money raised will go towards providing animals with enrichment, such as special items that encourage natural behaviours. Visitors to the zoo on December 15, 2015 will be able to see the animals receive the #GivingZOODay donations in the form of enrichment gifts. Thank you all in advance for you support and generosity.