I’m very lucky to have these opportunities to speak to various groups of people all over the world. I am so grateful that I am able to do what I do, see the places I have seen so far in my life, and have the opportunity to speak at schools, seminars, conferences and be a keynote speaker at various events across the world. 

I absolutely love sharing my story and spreading my message of, “If I Can…”

My life has been a fun ride with a lot of laughs and I make sure that my presentation reflects my experiences.  I have not let limitations or obstacles in my life stand in the way of achieving my goals and dreams and I encourage others to do the same. Furthermore, I am constantly setting new goals for myself and I think it’s important for everyone to always be challenging themselves as well.

I lead by the example of doing the things I have done so far in my life to help others realize that they only hold themselves back from doing the same! 

I would love to continue spreading my message and challenging myself and others through my presentations. Please contact me for more information about myself or potentially speaking for your event, conference, seminar, etc. I can't wait to hear from you!

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Chris delivered exactly the message our students and staff needed.  His belief in embracing opportunities and his positivity were both delivered in a straightforward and humorous way. He addressed the trivial issues people get hung up on and asked them to instead appreciate the amazing lives we are in.  
Our school of over 1400 students and 100 staff were not only quiet but also completely engaged in his message. Staff conversations after the presentation were around how to install his message directly into the day to day operations and conversations within our building.
Chris is an amazing person who I aspire to be more like.
-Darwin Roscoe
Hunting Hills High School

Chris exceeded our expectations! His message and story is so important and it was a more than just your typical motivation message - he truly showed how much we are in control of our own state and perspective and it was a message that we all need to see and hear more often. He also had the entire group laughing throughout his presentation. We are so grateful to have had this experience with Chris! 
-Kyle Lebeau - Broker/Owner
Century 21 Foothills South Real Estate

Here's the problem with having Chris Koch speak at an event: you'll never be able to top it...
Chris spoke at our company's annual meeting last year, and he received the highest rating of anything we did that entire day. People still talk about him, five months later. Chris is an incredibly impactful speaker with an innate ability to motivate, inspire, connect and teach. He can make you laugh and cry in a matter of minutes, softening even the hardest advertising-executive's heart. He has depth and a gritty sense of humor. He's doesn't use cheesy tactics or try too hard. He's just so real and can somehow change the way you look at the world without you even realizing it. Chris is incredibly easy to work with, going above and beyond anything I could've asked for in a business partner. I truly can't say enough good things about him. So I'll advise you again. If you plan the same event each year, bring Chris in, and then retire, because that will be the pinnacle of success.
-Rachel McGrew

Over the years our school has hosted dozens of guest speakers, all whom are invited with the hopes of motivating our community toward leadership and good character.  Without doubt, Chris Koch is the most extraordinary person I have ever met.  His message captivated our entire community ranging  from Kindergartners to our Seniors;  to our faculty and staff as well as our parent community.  Everyone here was simply blown away by a message of perseverance and grit determination.  Chris’s message is not so much in his words, but in the man he is and how he lives his life.  He is quite simply awe-inspiring.
-Dan Horn, President-Principal